Weather's impact on service

Weather's impact on service

New England is famous for its unpredictable weather, and Boston has some of the worst traffic anywhere. We view this as a challenge, and utilize every tool available to maintain our ability to continue to meet your deadlines. We never close, but there are times when we cannot perform at maximum capacity. During extreme conditions we will always keep you informed, honestly and accurately, and if it can be done, we are the ones who can do it.

When the weather is bad, please take the following steps to ensure that your material is protected & that we have the information needed to successfully deliver your material on time and intact:

  • Wrap larger material in plastic
  • Call ahead if you are aware that you will have a specific deadline or need
  • Provide a contact number for the recipient so we can make contact and confirm they have not closed
  • Provide after hour contact information so that we can contact you if an issue arises

Taking these steps will help us successfully deliver your material in bad weather. As always we will work with you to provide an honest assessment on delivery time.

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