We are all painfully aware of Boston's traffic issues. After going through an extensive and expensive highway project for a long period of time, it seems that the traffic in the city is even worse. Although everyone can certianly appreciate the asthetic improvements, we are still dealing with traffic volume that lists Boston as one of the top 10 worst traffic cities in the country. This being said, it's obvious that our service and our capabilities are heavily influenced by traffic in the Greater Boston area. Short of establishing a Gofund me page to purchase a Breadrunner helicopter, we, like everyone are at the mercy of these traffic patterns.

We attempt to lessen the impact of the traffic by increasing staff levels during key hours, utilizing bike messengers and employing experienced knowledgeable couriers who know all the "ins & outs" of the Boston area. While this helps, there are still times of the day when it is very difficult to move quickly through the city and surrounding areas.

If we work together and share information this will help us to make your deadline. Please provide advance notice of time sensitive deliveries if you are aware earlier in the day. This will allow us to reserve a courier for that time slot that will be ready at your location when your package is ready. This is especially helpful when the delivery is a court filing that has a hard cut-off time. Let us know ahead of time if you have a shipment that requires a large capacity vehicle. Our vans and trucks are in high demand and during heavy traffic periods it can be difficult to respond immediately. We in turn will, as always, provide our clients with honest assessments of our ability to make a deadline. Until our team is flying over the gridlock in helicopters or drones replace us, working with our clients and sharing information is a solid solution to these traffic problems.

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